Thursday, February 2, 2012

My cautious optimism served me well.

Let me make this quick, like ripping off a Band-Aid:

Stuff didn't work out. At all.

I could feel things slipping away, and turns out I was right to be cautiously optimistic. Everyone around me was entirely optimistic, and that's what makes this particular defeat even worse. I, at least, try to protect myself from disappointment, but it gets tougher when the people you love are utterly convinced of your impending success, and then it doesn't happen. It leaves them wondering what went wrong, which only compounds my own feelings of failure and self-doubt. Safe to say I'm not the ray of ebullient sunshine you all know and love (yeah... right) but I'm trying not to let this setback affect me. It does, and rightfully so, but it shouldn't affect my everyday interactions.

I can't help but be entirely envious of the people who woke up today confident and happy with their jobs. Even more so if you were able to roll over and share that happiness with the person you love.

I woke up and hugged Juno. That'll do for now.

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