Friday, December 30, 2011

Today was a good day.

This may not matter to any of you, but the Flyers beat the Pens 4-2 tonight. That, my friends, is most excellent news.

Also - four days until the Winter Classic. There's still part of me that can't believe I will actually be there. I kind of don't want to tailgate beforehand. 1) It's going to be not warm and 2) I want to be soberish for the game because it's kind of an epic, possibly once-in-a-lifetime game to see for a Flyers fan. I prefer to remember it.

And if life weren't good enough, Warren Miller's "Off the Grid" is on one of my premium channels. It features Jamie Pierre's famous cliff jump and Chris Anthony skiing some ridiculous lines in Utah, among other segments of powdery goodness.

Mother Nature better get her shit together by the time I get back from Philly. Winter makes me so happy.

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