Monday, December 26, 2011

A tip for the zombie apocalypse

These promos for a marathon of "The Walking Dead" have helped me to revisit one of the main moral dilemmas of the characters in the show: dealing with their loved ones as "walkers."

Well, I'm here to quell that moral dilemma once and for all for you, my friends, family and stalkers:

If I am obviously a zombie whose only goal in her lobotomized, prey-driven life is to eat your brains without a second thought, just effing shoot me in the head. Don't worry that I'm still me, and that somehow you're becoming my murderer. You've seen enough post-apocalyptic movies to know that there is no effing way that I am sentient, and you also know that, in that split second of empathy, you become like 92% more vulnerable to dying into an entrail-fueled afterlife of mindless predation and bad skin. Put me out of my misery and save yourself. Done. Don't say I never did anything for you.

Honestly, you'd think after a season and a half, these bastards on TWD would finally understand this concept. Panses.

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