Monday, December 19, 2011

A little love for a "local" band

I'm back for a minute from my holiday-season-induced lack in creativity to show a little love to Day of the Outlaw. A very, very dear friend of mine, Spurgeon, is their lead guitarist. He's supertalented and is now living the dream in Nashville, playing music, drinking whiskey and riding motorcycles. Cheers to you, friend.

DOTO is in the process of mixing their second EP, The Retribution Waltz, set to release in January 2012. Their lead-off single, "Drink Her Wine," wants to be on the new Puscifer album so hard; this sounds like a song Maynard and co. would cover and make their own. The song is available to stream and for pay-what-you-wish download on their site. Overall, I like the sound of this band - derivative of Skynyrd and other country rock bands, with catchy hooks. Kim's backing vocals add a whiskey smoothness to the song's overall gritty tone. The female vocal presence offers depth to the track; I think this aural note is what makes this song so reminiscent of Puscifer's latest work. On a critical note, I'm not sold on the styling of their lead vox. It sounds a bit forced on this particular track, especially at the end, but I really can't judge until I hear him live. I'm interested to hear the full EP, and seeing what more these guys bring to the table. I'm buying in, guys.

Give the song a listen, and comment/share if you wish:

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