Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My horoscope, broken down.

From my Google homepage and DailyHoroscope.com:

You may be more unconventional than others realize, even if it appears that you're following the party line.
(Yes. Obviously. I'm a weirdo.)

Your ideas might be quite progressive, yet hiding them now is a good idea so you don't seem out of place at work.
(Again, yes. This is generally good when you work at a relative conservative company, as I've come to learn. Not every company is as delightfully liberal as City Sports. Companies with highly organized levels of bureaucracy can be open to change and progressive ideas, but only if they are presented in with a meek and profit-driven mentality.)

Luckily, you have the ability to concentrate fully on your career. Fortunately, your singular focus may be enough to ease the developing pressure in other areas of your life at this time.

(Yeah. SO LUCKY. My car is dying, headed toward what will undoubtedly be a fantastic explosion of bald tires and axles on 36, I'm not getting laid and the rent is too damn high. Thanks for the assurance, horoscope.)

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