Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SIMH: Rihanna, "S & M"

I'll admit that I'm often late to the party when it comes to pop music, so maybe everyone's already sick of this song, but I am loving it right now. Although it's pretty tame by legit BDSM standards, the video's hot... and kinda weird. Rihanna sounds more raw on this track than in her other songs (as raw as you can sounds with this much production), like she's forcing the upper part of her range and it fits the phrasing of the hook really nicely. I've been trying to resist her pop bubble catchy-ness since her ubiquitous "Umbrella" haunted me at work, in the streets and on every commercial for the entirety of 2007. But then, this year, she qualified for ESPN's top 3-7 plays of the NBA All-Star Game (let's be real: all the sports journalists were Tweeting about that night was her) and this song came out. So, listen, watch, fog yourself, tie someone up - it's Wednesday, go nuts.

Rihanna - S&M by jimihubabua

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