Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I normally don't do the "cute" post (I'm adverse to squee-ing), but this video from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is pretty great. I mean, it made me smile at 9 a.m. – that alone is proof of the greatness. This behind-the-scenes video takes a look at the goings on at BFAS's bunny sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. The lady who runs it seems to be perfect for the job, too.

Luckily, they don't refer to their sanctuary as "the bunny ranch." That would be awkward.

BFAS is one of the charities to which I contribute what little cash I have every year. They were instrumental in the rescue of the Michael Vick pit bulls and are committed to providing a no-kill sanctuary for abused and sick animals (not just companion animals – they also take horses, pigs and, obviously, BUNNIES). Consider making a donation to them or sponsoring one of their Guardian Angel animals (like this guy, perhaps?).

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