Friday, February 18, 2011

Stuck in my head: White Town, "Your Woman"

So much for all your highbrow, Marxist ways / Just use me up and then you walk away / Boy, you can't play me that way...

I have this love/hate relationship with Pandora and I think we're back in love. Before work, I listen to my RuPaul/La Roux/Katy Perry station (don't judge) because it pumps me up for the eight hours of fake smiling ahead of me (seriously, stop judging, I like pop music, okay?).

Today this late-90s gem popped up. I totally remembered this song, mostly because the Top 40 station in Allentown, where I grew up, played it non-stop. That and the non-stop pulsating horn in the background. The lyrics completely didn't make sense to me at the time since the singer was male. Indeed, White Town is one guy, Jyoti Prakash Mishra, rocking an NIN-type "I play all the instruments" vibe (albeit less awesome than what our god Trent has created over the years). Today, with all of the gender-bending craziness I've been exposed to and infatuated with, the lyrical content doesn't seem as odd to me.

While I didn't appreciate its ubiquity back then, I'm kind of loving this lil song right now. Here's White Town with "Your Woman":

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