Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stuck in my head: The Black Angels, "Young Men Dead"

Alright, advertising agency: you got me on this one.

So a few days ago I was just chillin', chillin', mindin' my business when a dreaded commercial came on during what was undoubtedly some mind-numbingly trashy television show. Before my nimble fingers could reach the remote to flip the script, I was captivated by what I heard.

It was an ad for a video game – Fable III – and the captivating song in question is "Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels. I immediately found it online and downloaded it (yes, I paid, because I'm a slave to the man, obviously). I've been listening to it non-stop on these past few rare rainy Colorado days and am hooked. It's psychedelic, moody and cinematic; it actually reminds me of Moby's version of Joy Division's "New Dawn Fades," but with a more interesting vocal sound. The lyrics are also pretty haunting, especially with today's conflicts abroad and the young men coming back home, some in a box and far too young.

I don't know about the rest of the band's catalog, but this song has piqued my interest enough to find out more. If there's more head-sticking fun to be had, rest assured it'll pop up here.

Here's the video game trailer so you can the effect of the snippet that hooked me. See where it takes you...

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