Monday, August 2, 2010

Shameless self-promotion: Rubicon, ep 2

Back in June I was contacted by Dustin from Pajiba asking if I'd like to take a recapping gig with them. Being a huge fan of the site and an attention whore, I said yes. I'm covering the AMC show Rubicon; it premiered (technically) last night and you can find my ranty-ass recap of episode 2 here. I was really excited about the show when I caught the sneak preview back in June, but now I'm not so sure I'm going to survive the season. It's throwing out poignant, yet meaningless sentences and is loaded with coding montages and ominous music. I need more.

What I need less of is commenters. Actually, not fewer commenters, because at least they're reading my stuff, but I need less curiosity and need to stop reading the comments. My frustration with the site's commenters was what piqued Dustin's interest in the first place. Some are interesting and conversational, but a good chunk are downright mean. I've already been called a loser this week, which I think inducts me into the club of Pajibans (there might be more hazing if I ever actually make it back to Philly and meet Stacey, however).

Anyway, I make it a rule (which is occasionally broken) to not read the comments on any of my pieces outside of here (because here I have total moderation control and can delete your ass because I can). I had some great conversations with people on Randomn3ss but had some libelous stuff posted about me that was entirely unfounded. That's where my idealistic love affair with open discourse ended. I decided when I started interning to not respond to comments. The responses on were generally informative or supportive, as the outdoor community seems to be. When I interned at the Tribune in Greeley... not so much. The comments were generally xenophobic, racist and - this does NOT reflect all Weld County residents, obviously - often just ignorant as fuck. It was sad, really, that discourse on the news boiled down to that level. But that's what happens in an open forum: the trolls who aren't given the soapbox in real life come out of the wood work and all hell breaks loose.

So since this is my site, I can allow or not allow commenters as I please, which is kinda awesome. At least it keeps me sane and self-confident. And in the future, I should stick to checking the comment numbers but not read the comments themselves. Of course I then run the risk of missing a comment about a grammatical issue or factual inaccuracy (which would bother me - I generally like my stuff to be accurate). But it might be worth it. I'm guessing that the writers of Rubicon might stay away from the internet commenters, because I definitely ripped them on this episode. Ignorance is bliss for the creators of media.

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