Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The fortuitous schedule

Wow, it's been a while. I'm working now, in retail, and the hours are kind of nuts as retail hours usually are. However, the last two weeks have brought about a number of fortuitous scheduling coincidences that have facilitated a damn good time.

1) I had off last Thursday, my 27th birthday. Yes, I'm 27. It's weird. I kind of feel old, but I think that's because I live near a college town and work with youngin's too. Well, I took that day off to act like I was turning 21 and it was kind of awesome to get wild with it. Friday at work? Not so fun. But Saturday off, some cheesecake courtesy of Miss Jordan WB, was also perfect.

2) I have off this Thursday as well. THE PHILLIES ARE IN TOWN THIS THURSDAY!!! They're here to play a make up game fom the May series during which it a) kinda snowed and b) I had food poisoning or the stomach flu. I went to the opening game but felt like hell the next day and couldn't go. Thankfully, the game was sleeted out (hooray for Colorado weather). So now, they're back and I'm going. The Phils are 3-0 when I attend their Colorado road games, so I hope I can keep my streak going. Either that or I'm gonna pull a Dee from Always Sunny and run on the field and kiss Jayson Werth.

I'm loving this week.

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