Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stuck in my head: Soraia, "Shed the Skin"

Soraia's one of my favorite Philly bands and they've been steadily gaining steam since I left in 2008. They were one of five bands who played my going away party free of charge, for me and our friends; they've also toured the U.S. several times and opened for Bon Jovi more than once. They've never been too big for their fans and friends, but they are definitely breaking out big time on the national scene. Soraia will open for Bon Jovi (again) on July 11 at their Saratoga Springs show.

Today I read a story about them, centered on Sue, their front woman and one of the primary songwriters. It wasn't about her because she's simply a hot rocker chick (although, she certainly fucking is), but because she's got a compelling story, one I never knew until today. The way she and the boys came together to create was simultaneously tragic and beautiful. I commented on her Facebook that I was sad that I read about it in an article - it's one of those things I wish we could have talked about outside of Grape Street over an illicit cigarette at 2 in the morning. But I have to say I'm absolutely honored (and have always been) to count this strong, talented and beautiful woman as a friend (why she ever chose to be benevolent to a crazy alcoholic like I was at the time, I'll never know). You can read that article here.

But on to the music. Here's a video of Soraia live, playing "Shed the Skin," the title track from their first album:

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  1. Soraia is beyond an awesome band, and Sue is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out.


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