Thursday, July 1, 2010

First run of July

First off, happy July.

Tonight I had one of the best runs I've had in a long ass time... probably since when I was training for the half-marathon, before being sidelined by a nasty stomach bug. I haven't run too much since, focusing more on volleyball, my bike and long walks with my dog. Sometimes I lose the will to run, forget the passion I normally have. The heat doesn't help either. Tonight was different though, and it felt really, really *good*.

I wasn't gearing up for something long and crazy, but Juno had to go out and I was bored as hell. I also had just shoved the remnants of last night's veggie lo mein into my gullet, pounded two Upslope IPAs and was generally feeling repulsed by myself. So I decided to run. I brought Juno, four poop bags and a satchel of treats with me. After one ridiculously-large-for-a-45-pound-dog poop stop and some fiddling with the iPod, we were on our way.

The air out here is perfect summer night air – it's cool, but not too crisp and blissfully free of humidity. The mosquitoes seemed to have disappeared, and lawn sprinklers gently watered my ankles at the edges of the concrete. We ran up Baseline to Williams Village and then hopped on the bike path, generously devoid of bikes tonight, and had the place to ourselves. When we hit Mohawk I realized that I was breathing hard but not heavy and was pacing faster (for me, at least) than I had in weeks. Usually I give myself waypoints where I can stop: "Okay, just to that intersection, and you can walk... just to that tree..." Not tonight. We ran all the way home, kicking in a block away to sprint to our door.

I think we ran a little under three miles. Juno's in bed (mine) looking at me as I sit on the floor of my bedroom directly in front of my fan, cramping as my fingers struggle to interpret the feeling I have right now from that run. It was perfect – quick, rewarding, refreshing. It was everything running means to me when I'm into it and everything I need to remember to feel when I'm "too tired" or it's "too hot."

The nighttime runs with just my reflective vest, Juno and a killer playlist might help turn this summer around yet. And just might have burned off that lo mein guilt.

Don Henley - "Boys of Summer"
Pearl Jam - "Alive"
Dispatch - "The General"
Boston - "More than a Feeling"
Geto Boys - "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta"
The Specials - "Pressure Drop"

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE "More Than A Feeling"!!

    Yay you and Happy July :-)


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