Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awkward things I didn't know existed

Here's a list of awkward things I've found while packing my apartment:

1) Framed "Be Mine" lithograph that my first-ex-boyfriend-named-John made me in 2003.
2) Pictures of me and Seth, my "boyfriend" in 2005, who broke up with me a month before graduation because he was too stressed out by lacrosse (during the same week that I injured my back and couldn't walk) and then resumed dating his crazy pants homicidal ex-girlfriend the next day. Great memories from that one.
3) Janice Peck's final exam, fall 2008 (B-).
4) Photos from my 21st birthday at Hamilton aka the night the volleyball team invaded the freshman dorm and stole alcohol from 18-year-old boys.
5) Irish dancing T-shirt with "Seana's Sister" on the back.
6) Copy of Ramparts magazine with Che Guevara's diary from 1968 that Nick gave me. It had a lot of meaning at one time, but it's just old pieces of paper now.
7) Springhouse Junior High yearbook, 1997-98.

I should bite the bullet and burn half of this shit. S'mores, anyone?

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