Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuck in my head: Puscifer, "The Mission"

This song came out a while back, but I'm absolutely obsessed with it at the moment to the extent that it's got the top spot on my Summer 2010 playlist. I think it's because 1) I've been watching the Resident Evil movies and am pretty psyched about the fourth installment (stop judging), 2) I've been thinking about taking a roadie to Jerome, Ariz., to check out Caduceus Cellars and 3) I'm still kicking my own ass about not getting Tool tickets for the Red Rocks shows next week (this has been a source of serious disappointment since May).

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to score tickets to Puscifer's sold-out show at the Paramount in Denver last November and (despite the absence of Milla) it was one of the best live shows I've ever seen. The touring players are amazing and the show is... well... it's incredibly Maynard.

I've decided to post a live cut of the song instead of the "official" video (if you want to see that, go here). Why the live cut? Because Milla Jovovich can sing. For real. If her being a hot zombie-killing Ukrainian weren't enough, the chick can wail. I was originally going to post video from Puscifer's Club Nokia shows in L.A. last year, but I think this vid (despite the poor ass quality in the first 40 seconds - suffer through it, it's worth it) showcases Milla's voice better. It's a jazzy little version of the song; I kinda dig it.

But what do you know? Here's Puscifer's "The Mission":

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