Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stuck in my head: Catatonia, "Road Rage"

"If all you've got to do today/is find peace of mind/come 'round/you can take a piece of mine."

Thank god for YouTube because 1) this song is stuck in my head 2) it's not imported onto this laptop and 3) the one random mix CD I made in 2002 with this single on it is in my car and it's late and I'm tired and I have 50 lbs. of pit bull sleeping on my legs.

I'm not sure how or where I first heard this song, but since it came out in 1999, I'm guessing it was sometime around my second trip to England. Catatonia had another hit (huge in the UK, decent in the US) called "Mulder and Scully," a homage to the X-Files, but to me this single is above and beyond its more popular sister single.

The song itself is pure power pop: verse, bridge, chorus. But Cerys Matthews' Welsh-accented vocals are inexplicably sexy (and I'm also kind of coveting her suit in the video), the lyrics remind me of being a lovesick 18-year-old and... well, it's catchy enough that I've watched the video three times tonight.

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