Thursday, June 10, 2010

New found inspiration

I had an unexpectedly long phone call with my buddy C-Lee today. I texted him about the cost of living in LA (I just applied to a dream job there, so I decided it would be best for my ego to count my proverbial unhatched chickens) and about some band drama-rama. Chris followed his soul out to LA and started a pretty rockin' band called The Shakers; they're blowing up in Hollywood and C's livin' the dream in a big way right now.

Our conversation roamed over myriad topics, from friends to old times back in Philly, to the future and ourselves. But the thing that I didn't expect to stick with me is C's new commitment to his body. Now, I'm the athletic one... I ran track and played volleyball all through high school and college and pushed myself to the limits of what was physically possible with my body. When I moved out to Colorado, everything familiar went out the window and with it went my commitment to my body. I look pretty much the same, am about the same size, but I've lost a lot of the muscle strength and definition that I worked so hard to accumulate. Now that I'm in a good place mentally, I want to get back into a good place physically.

The first thing I'm going to take from C's and my convo is to stop eating at night. I have a *horrific* habit of eating at night after a beer or nine. That will have to stop and there's nothing to prevent it from happening except sheer will power. I've already made significant changes to my diet, like going veg, that have helped revamp my body and overall health. However, overeating veggies isn't great either (especially when I'm full of sweet, sweet Colorado microbrew carbs... mmm... carbs). I also need to figure out my gym situation; my membership at school ran out after I graduated and I'm not sure if I should invest money in a membership until I get my job/living situation in order. Regardless, I need to start doing resistance work to get my muscle strength back. I also have to remember that I'm not in college anymore, and I don't need to be squatting my body weight. Light, easy, and lots of reps will do for my post-athlete life.

I think this phone call was meant to have this effect, and I hope I can make the feeling stick. I also rediscovered volleyball this week, playing for the first time in two years. Now, that's all I want to do. It's cool to rediscover that passion for an activity that used to consume my life (and not always in a positive way). These old memories, good and bad, came back when playing as they did during my phone call with C-Lee. Of course, there's a balance there, but the feelings the mix of memories created is good. I'm feeling motivated, strong and loved. And I'm ready to bring my body with me.

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