Thursday, June 3, 2010

My favorite villain

In a postgame interview, Flyers' defenseman Chris Pronger talks about his role as "villain" to Chicago fans and to pretty much the rest of the NHL:

I'm going to ignore the inner rage that built up as I watched Pronger continually cut the reporter's question off because he's my favorite player in the NHL (but seriously, cutting a reporter off and being a douchebag about a question is a HUGE peev of mine. I know it sucks giving press conferences, but you can totally suck it up for $34 million over seven years, aight?). But it's an odd question to a player who's been vilified - sometimes rightfully, other times not - throughout his career. He was vilified for questionable hits, for moving away from Edmonton (for "personal" reasons that may or may not have involved his wife getting pissed about a supposed affair), for... well, for everything.

So maybe he's embraced the "villain" persona, for better or worse. Sometimes it's easier to play a role one is given than to try to change people's perceptions. He could be playing a character, who knows (only him, I suppose). And maybe he's not such a bad guy. Check out this Vancouver Sun article about Flyers' goalie Michael Leighton, whose daughter cites Pronger as her protection from the boogeyman.

Does the boogeyman's name rhyme with "shufflin'"?

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