Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is this awesome or awful?

I was rifling through my Google Reader and eventually came across an article in the U.K.'s Daily Mail about the new trend in China of dyeing your pets so that they look like animals.

Seriously, go look at the pictures. Then help me out with these questions:

1) Is this awesome or awful? I mean... I've dressed Juno in sweaters (I use her lack of body fat and the cold Colorado winters as excuses). The irony of a pit bull in a pink sweater just cracks me up. I've even attempted to paint her nails (rest assured that the majority of the polish ended up on my carpet). But I don't think I would dye her hair. I think it's creepy and wrong when people dye their small, white, little, stupid dogs pink.

2) Is putting my dog in the occasional sweater as bad as dyeing her to look like a tiger?

3) If I did have to dye Juno, what animal should she be?

It's weird. And creepy. But those panda dogs are damn adorable.

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