Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good morning, beautiful: Zombies!

A few more listens and this post would've been filed under "Stuck in my head."

For you zombie/music aficionados, I present to you the first music video from my friends in The Shakers. Originally a cross-country collaboration between lead guitarist Chris Lee (formerly of Stillicide) and Ron DiSilvestro (drummer for like every important band in Philly and sound engineer/owner of RDStudios), The Shakers began as a Postal Service-type project and have coalesced into a complete rock band. They've been blowing up clubs in L.A., playing residencies at O'Brien's in Santa Monica and killing the Viper Room last week. The left coast line up includes bassist Brad Lee (no relation to CLee), Nick Woods on drums and the always-lovely Jodie Schell rocking out on the vox. I was lucky enough to catch their first show back in March 2009 and they've just totally come together as a band. It's cool to see my friends succeeding at what they love; it's motivating for me as well, and it doesn't hurt that I totally dig their sound.

If you really dig 'em, you can pick up their eponymous debut EP at CD Baby. They're also playing a free, all-ages show tonight at the Whiskey (you gotta email them to get on the guest list, so check out their site and get your shit together).

For all you who feel undead this morning at work, here's some rock to wake your ass up: The Shakers' "Villain."

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